The EZ-Clean System uses water (under pressure) to clean the inside of specially designed EZ-Clean pouches and the exposed surfaces of the stoma in less than 3 minutes! The Power Feed Water System is available in both Fixed and Portable versions. Both versions use a pressurized handheld sprayer. The Fixed System hooks up to a toilet water supply semi-permanently as shown above (left). The Portable System temporarily connects to any bathroom faucet, at home or while traveling. When no utility water source is available, the Water Bottle Adapter may be used with plastic water bottles that can be squeezed to rinse out the EZ-Clean pouch (see top right). Designed to connect to 8 - 16 oz. water bottles, its built-in one way valve prevents back flow. A small quantity of deodorant, lubricant or cleansing formula can be added in the bottle to enhance the flushing process.

Invented and developed by an ostomate, and field tested by Colostomy and Ileostomy patients, the EZ-Clean System has shown remarkable results, as related in these video testimonials.

The EZ-Clean pouch is a one piece design with the wafer permanently attached. This allows the user to thoroughly clean a pouch that is still attached to the body while sitting on a commode (toilet). Evacuated contents are deposited in the toilet and simply flushed away. It is fast, efficient and hygienic. When the EZ-System is not being used, the pouch functions like any other drainable pouch with the added advantage of the user being able to easily vent any accumulated gas through the inlet. It is important to note this characteristic, because anyone concerned about becoming home bound by this system should realize this pouch functions like any drainable pouch without using EZ-Clean. All pouches have a docking tab which permits you to fold the pouch in half and secure it with velcro material for user comfort and convenience. The pouch will release to full length if there is sufficient waste content that requires the volume.

To get you started, value priced Trial Kits with pouches and either the Portable Power Feed or the Water Bottle Adapter are sold below. All components of the system are also sold individually.

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Fixed Power Feed System Catalog # P/N 08-CW60107

Fixed Power Feed System

Catalog # P/N 08-CW60107


The Fixed Water Feed Sustem is hooked up to the water closet feed to provide a handy, available setup for use with the EZ-Clean™ Pouch

Portable Water Feed System Catalog # P/N 08-PW50107

Portable Water Feed System

Catalog # P/N 08-PW50107


The Portable Water Feed System can be used at home or while traveling. It can be installed on most sinks in minutes replacing the faucet screen with a diverter valve that allows use of the EZ-Clean™ Pouch.

Trial Kit Power Feed System Catalog # P/N 211-PFTK-11

Trial Kit Power Feed System

Catalog # P/N 211-PFTK-11

This Trial Kit comes with 1 clear and 1 opaque pouch, Hydrocolloid Skin Barriers on each, Stoma Guide and Portable Water Feed System. Ideal way to try the EZ-Clean System and make your life normal again. The Portable Feed Water System can be used at home or while traveling.

Trial Kit with Water Bottle Adaptor

Catalog # P/N 08-TK-01

A Trial Kit that comes with 1 clear and 1 opaque pouch, a Water Bottle Adapter and a Stoma Guide. basic kit that allows you to try the EZ-Clean™ System and learn how to make your life more normal.  

Clear Pouch

Catalog # P/N 01-1201C-01


EZ-Clean™Flat - Clear pouch for ostomates. Thin and very flexible, it provides comfort plus to ostomates who  also desire a clear material for visibility.

Convex Clear Pouch

Catalog # P/N 08-FW50107


Convex -Clear pouch for ostomates who require extra sealing pressure around the stoma and who desire clear material for visibility.

Opaque Pouch

Catalog # P/N 4-HSBW-11


EZ-Clean™ Flat Opaque Pouch for ostomates. Thin and very flexible, it provides comfort plus.

Convex - Opaque Pouch

Catalog # P/N 11-1201T-01


EZ-Clean™ Convex- Opaque Pouch for ostomates who require extra sealing pressure around the stoma.

Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Wafer

Catalog # P/N 4-HSBW-11

The Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Wafer is designed for use with the EZ-Clean™ Pouch System and it is friendly to ostomates with sensitive skin.

Stoma Hole Cutting Tool

Catalog # P/N 7-CUT-11

The perfect medical grade stainless steel precision tool for cutting the wafer hole for your stoma with no rough edges. Available from distributors of the EZ-Clean™ System. Available in sizes listed : 7/8", 1", 11/4", 11/2", 13/4"

Water Bottle Adaptor

Catalog # P/N 08-WBA90108

This adaptor is designed to fit standard, 6-10 ounce water  bottles, providing users of the EZ-Clean™ System a convenient and easy way of cleaning the pouch when no pressurized water system is available.

Security Adhesive Tab 

Catalog # P/N 08-ST40107

These are medical grade adhesive strips that surround and frame the wafer to seal it from inside and outside penetration creating a security barrier. Ideal for those who swim and wish to avoid chlorinated water from attacking the adhesive seal of the wafer.